Northern Dawn Hand Care Set with Tray


Northern Dawn Hand Care Set with Tray

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A certified organic handcare set, suitable for all skin types, with a fresh orange, cedarwood and balsamic scent. The liquid hand soap and lotion are presented in attractive plastic bottles with pump. The set comes with a metal tray, for storage and display.

Hand Soap 490ml
A gentle and effective liquid hand soap, containing extracts of carrots, parsley and organic aloe vera, that will care and moisturise the hands.
Height: 19cm / Diameter: 7cm

Hand Lotion 275ml
A gentle and effective hand lotion, containing organic aloe vera, almond oil and cocoa butter which care, moisture and soften the hands.
Height: 16cm / Diameter: 6cm

A modern silver coloured tray, perfect for storing or displaying items around the home, including bathrooms, as it is suitable for wetrooms.
Length: 20cm / Width: 30cm / Height: 2.5cm
Material: aluminium

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